We are a leading Canary Islands Hub communication consultancy. We exist to help our broad client base create compelling, effective communication that builds the value of its reputation.

Many of our clients need to communicate with audiences – media and non-media – in West Africa. Within our team we speak seven European and African languages and we use these skills to deliver local public relations programmes in key European markets from a central Canary Islands Hub.
We have built a comprehensive knowledge of the media landscape in Continental Europe and the industry and regulatory issues relevant to financial services and markets there. Our approach means that our clients don’t have to select and then manage multiple PR agencies in markets outside of the West Africa. This gives them greater control of their PR programmes, delivers consistent messaging and provides a cost effective way of speaking to audiences in multiple countries. What’s more, with a client base that spans international offices in North Africa, USA and European Union, we are used to implementing PR strategies in tandem with other agencies and in other regions globally. Commarca is member of Worldcom Public Relations Group.

Newsroom approach

We believe an in-depth understanding of the industry and regulatory drivers that impact our clients’ business is fundamental to successful communications. This is why we absorb ourselves in the news flow through real-time monitoring of traditional, digital and social media channels and apply planning techniques underpinned by rigorous editorial practice.
Our thorough understanding of the news agenda means that we take a proactive approach to media relations, rather than reacting to news. Planning allows us to develop thoughtful and timely content and position our clients’ expert views in the media while influencing the editorial agenda and discussion. Combining a considered approach with an instinct for results is crucial at a time when communications programmes are increasingly relying on market and news flow rather than corporate news to maintain a profile across different media channels.

Bringing a client’s story to life

In the digital age, content is king and it is the cornerstone of the differentiated service we offer. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce quality, engaging content on behalf of our clients, spoken with their voice and a credibility that comes from our in-depth knowledge of the industry and their businesses. With a team which includes former journalists, writing articles which set the editorial agenda is second nature to us, and forms a key part of the media strategy we execute on our clients’ behalf.
Every week we write thousands of words for a multitude of outlets and audiences – pitched in the right tone and level of detail for each channel. Our versatility enables us to deliver the material our clients need, whether blogs, comments and tweets for digital forums, or white papers and opinion articles for traditional print channels. Recent articles have been published in influential West Africa media such as Financial Times and Bloomberg.

Regulatory communications

At the heart of the policy debate

The changing regulatory environment and the public policy agenda have become an integral part of communications for many financial firms. Whether you are a bank, asset manager or part of the market infrastructure, it is essential to be a party to the industry debate on regulation which impacts the future of your business.
We work with clients to help develop communications before, during and after the policymaking process. We ensure that our media strategy and messages are aligned with their public policy and lobbying objectives and that their position is clearly and effectively articulated.

Digital communications

Navigating the online world

Digital technology has opened up huge opportunities for firms to converse with their audiences directly and in real-time. However, the online world operates differently to traditional channels of communication and requires an entirely new approach. When confronted with this new world, unsurprisingly, many companies don’t know where to begin with their digital strategy.
We work with companies to help them forge a path through this new landscape, advising them on which channels are right for them, who the most important influencers are and how to create the appropriate content and dialogue. This can take many different forms, whether it is writing blogs, using Twitter to communicate with clients, or engaging with audiences below the line. Companies live or die by their online reputation, and we draw on our wealth of experience to guide them on every aspect of their digital image to ensure their brand and values are protected and communicated effectively.