Market infrastructure

Illuminating the cogs in the machine

The market infrastructure space has grown even further in prominence in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis when it became apparent that the framework of the markets was essential to their safety and stability. Technology and innovation in the front office are also changing the way market participants interact with each other and their clients, while middle and back office functions have become an integral part of risk management practices. Regulatory reform is evolving the way in which market participants interact in the pre-trade, trading and post-trade space.
Our expertise in this area includes primary and secondary market trading platforms, industry utilities and middle and back office providers across multiple asset classes. Our approach takes into account both the wider industry and regulatory context in which our clients operate, the issues that their respective clients face, as well as asset class-specific drivers.

Banking and capital markets

Defining the post-crisis agenda

The banking sector in West Africa is undergoing an evolution as a result of the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression. There has been a necessary rethink and restructuring of business models, against a backdrop of regulatory pressures on capital and liquidity and the revolutionary effect of technology and innovation. These are challenges that impact all banks, however large or small, but they also present an opportunity to differentiate from peers in a competitive and complex environment.
Our experience spans global universal banking, investment banking, private banking, corporate banking and retail banking. Our expertise is not just about managing the profile and corporate reputation of banks and their relationships with international investors. It is also about promoting the banks’ activities in the equity and debt capital markets and ensuring their views on macroeconomics, equity and fixed income markets are featured in the influential media.
As well as banking clients, we also have an in-depth knowledge of the inter-dealer broking community, understanding how the forces of technology and regulatory reform are evolving the sector.

Wealth and asset management

Rebuilding trust for managers of money

The asset management sector is currently grappling with a series of thorny challenges. Yield from traditional investment sources is increasingly compressed, while clients are becoming even more demanding as they seek performance amid a low interest rate environment. Regulation is also beginning to play a key role, as the sector and its long-standing practices come under greater scrutiny.
To thrive and differentiate in this environment requires engagement with media and the industry.
We work with wealth, asset managers and hedge funds of all sizes and specialisms, from established players to those at the cutting edge of new investment techniques. Our approach is underpinned by an in-depth understanding of macroeconomic drivers of investor appetite and the industry trends shaping asset management, alongside an innate knowledge of the media covering this sector. This enables us to build a credible voice for our clients to communicate both their investment expertise as well as their corporate values.


Showcasing innovation in a flourishing sector

The world of payments has been the beneficiary of an explosion in innovative new developments over the past decade. This has presented exciting opportunities for companies of all sizes, from start-ups pioneering mobile payments to providers launching wearable payments technology.
We work with some of the world’s largest payment services companies to help them get their voices heard in a discussion that is increasingly hitting the front pages. We help them to articulate the role they play in providing infrastructure that is essential to the flourishing of new and exciting solutions. This includes comprehensive crisis communications planning and support to guide our clients through any issues they may experience with the services they provide. The use of social media is central to this to keep a reassuring dialogue open with customers and ensure that their reputation remains protected.

Professional services

Giving a voice to the advisory community

The global regulatory agenda shaping the financial industry has become a key topic of interest to media, with the insight and understanding of the legal profession key to dissecting and understanding these initiatives. In addition, the consulting community is perfectly positioned to comment on how and when they see the industry recovering, while offering a navigable path for companies that have suffered from the worst excesses of the crash.
We use our knowledge of financial services markets and our network of contacts, both media and non-media, to help law firms, accountancy firms and management consultants to forge new and productive relationships with their target audiences, showcasing their insight and expertise, while building differentiated corporate profiles.